"If ever you are tempted to become discouraged or to lose faith, remember those faithful Saints who remained true in Kirtland. Hold on a little longer. You can do this! You are part of a special generation. You were prepared and preserved to live at this important time in the existence of our beautiful planet earth. You have a celestial pedigree and therefore have all the necessary talents to make your life an eternal success story."

--Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Hold on a Little Longer", Liahona, Jan 2010 48

D&C 76:10

The Iron Rod, Hymn #274
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Girl in a Whirl
Victoria Gunther

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life? Is your to-do list long enough to reach to the moon and back? Do you think you REALLY have to be the perfect daughter-friend-sister-wife-mother in this life?

If so, this book is just the break you need. It's full of humorous insights about being an LDS woman, family stuff, and this & that about life. And it's not just funny either.

The best thing about it of all is that The Girl in a Whirl will help you feel encouraged, strengthened, and reassured of your ability to be a faithful follower of Christ regardless of what your circumstances are.


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