"Our prophets and apostles, leaders and parents continually point out the track we must follow if we would avoid a destructive blast to our souls. They know the path that has been safely cleared of mines (or indeed scorpions), and they tirelessly invite us to follow behind them. There are so many devastating traps to entice us from the track...Deviating to the right or the left of the safe track ahead of us, whether because of laziness or rebelliousness, can prove fatal to our spiritual lives. There are no exceptions to this rule."

--Elder Patrick Kearon, "Come unto Me with Full Purpose of Heart, and I Shall Heal You", Ensign,Come unto Me with Full Purpose of Heart, and I Shall Heal You Nov. 2010, 50–52

Doctrine and Covenants 64:34

Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me, Hymn #104
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As always, We Believe: Songs for Youth 2011 will feature brand-new inspirational songs, narration, and accompaniment tracks that are perfect for conferences, programs, and activities. And for the first time ever, the album will feature a bonus CD filled with all-new contemporary songs to help reinforce positive values in the everyday lives of young people.

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  • We Believe

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