"We all live on spiritual credit. In one way or another, the account builds and builds. If you pay it off as you go, you have little need to worry. Soon you begin to learn discipline and know that there is a day of reckoning ahead. Learn to keep your spiritual account paid off at regular intervals rather than allowing it to collect interest and penalties."

--BOYD K. PACKER, "Truths Most Worth Knowing", BYU Devotional November 6, 2011

1 Chronicles 16:810

Come, Sing to the Lord - Hymns, Hymn #10
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The Book of Mormon Board Game
Richard-Merlin Atwater

The Book of Mormon Board Game is for anyone age 12 and up. Especially good for seminary and institute students but can also be used for family home evening or review in Sunday School. Rules can be adapted to investigators, new members or younger players. Players can be allowed to use the Book of Mormon to look up the answer. Each multiple choice question has the actual scriptural reference at the top of the card. This allows the players to practice finding the references. The rules of the game involve rolling a certain number to get on the board and has different routes that help to make the game equitable for players of all knowledge levels. It's a great game that fits the proclamation on the Family of "wholesome recreation" designed to get families AWAY from TV, computers, cell phones and hand held items that distract from FAMILY togetherness.

The Book of Mormon Board game retails for $30. Order before March 31 and receive this special promotional deal. The game is FREE with $10 shipping and handling.

Orders by check only made out to the BYU Professor who invented the game: Rich Atwater
To place order by mail Contact:
Richard-Merlin Atwater
3412 Snowy Egret Court
Palm harbor, Florida 34683

Credit Card orders are available at website under a separate deal which can be reviewed on the internet. Still FREE, but with the purchase of a book on JESUS CHRIST and Joseph Smith.


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