"There is no guarantee that life will be easy for anyone. We grow and learn more rapidly by facing and overcoming challenges. You are here to prove yourself, to develop, and to overcome. There will be constant challenges that cause you to think, to make proper judgments, and to act righteously. You will grow from them. However, there are some challenges you never need to encounter. They are those associated with serious transgression. As you continue to avoid such tragedy, your life will be simpler and happier. You will see others around you who don’t make that choice, who do things that are wrong and evil and bring sadness. Thank your Father in Heaven that your pattern of life is different and that you have been helped to make choices guided by the Holy Ghost. That prompting will keep you on the right path."

--Richard G. Scott, "To Live Well", BYU Devotional April 21, 2011

Moses 6:33

Choose the Right Way, The Children's Songbook #160
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As Sisters in Zion
Debbie J. Christensen

In 1852, two sisters in a small village in England responded to the message of Mormon missionaries and joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Julia Hill was nineteen years old, and her sister, Emily, was only sixteen. After working and saving their money for four more years, they made their way to America and joined the Willie handcart company for the arduous journey to the Salt Lake Valley. Faced with exhaustion, starvation, exposure, and even death, they strengthened one another and intensified their resolve. Alone they would fail, but together they could succeed and live.

Emily later wrote a poem about her experience, which has been set to music and sung by Relief Society sisters all over the world. But the story of that hymn, “As Sisters in Zion,” is more than the experience of two sisters. Behind this well-known song lies a fascinating, little-known story of the sisters’ personal call to “comfort the weary and strengthen the weak.”


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