"We have great helps to give us courage in this life. The greatest is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Because of what He did, sins can be washed away in the waters of baptism. We can renew that blessing when we partake of the sacrament in faith and with a repentant heart."

--Henry B. Eyring, "Moral Courage", Liahona, Mar 2010, 4–7

Matthew 11:28–30

Come unto Jesus, Hymn #117
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Doubt Not, Fear Not - Talk CD
Jack R. Christianson

Popular speaker and educator Jack R. Christianson says, “I am almost overwhelmed when people come to me saying, ‘I’m not sure I have a testimony anymore’ or ‘I read something about the Church that I didn’t know before,’ and they start to waiver.” Brother Christianson always asks them why they are searching for light in the dark.

He wonders why they don’t spend as much time reading the scriptures as they do reading materials designed to tear down the Church. He invites each of us to “give the Lord equal time. Give Him His due share of your thoughts, your time, your talent, and your attention.”

Using powerful stories, enlightening scriptures, and personal experiences, Brother Christianson teaches us how we can deal with doubts and stay loyal and true in the face of opposition. “As we become more like the Savior,” he says, “our testimonies will increase to the point that no matter what the conditions of the world are, we will not let go of the iron rod and give in to the mists of darkness and fall into forbidden paths and be lost.” Doubt Not, Fear Not is a powerful resource for staying strong in these latter days.


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