"Godís plan is designed so that each of us will go through many trials in our lives. Trials are His way of stretching us and helping us become as He is. Our crises will differ in magnitude and frequency, but they will continue throughout our lives. As John learned, strength to overcome these trials and return to Heavenly Father is found in the word of our testimonies."

--Paul B. Pieper, "Trials and Testimony", Ensign, Mar 2010, 32Ė33

Revelation 12:11

Testimony, #137
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Keepers of What Matters Most
Emily Freeman

Throughout time, righteous women have served as keepers of God's truths. The message of their lives - preserved in scripture - serves as a reminder to the world of what they stood for and what they believed.

Young Women today can also demonstrate by the way they live that they are witnesses of Christ and protectors of God's word, especially as they seek to live the Young Women values. In this unique volumes, author Emily Freeman helps young women establish what each value means to them personally - what it is and what it isn't how that value is represented in daily thoughts and actions, and what they can do to make it a meaningful part of their lives.

Each chapter of the book encourages readers to ask, "What is my message to the world? And, as a keeper of what matters most, how can my message make a difference?


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