"The pure love of Christ is expressed as we give selfless service. Helping one another is a sanctifying experience which exalts the receiver and humbles the giver. It helps us become true disciples of Christ."

--Silvia H. Allred, "The Essence of Discipleship", April 2011 General Conference

John 13:35

Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd, Hymn 221
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Created for Greater Things
Jeffrey R. Holland

“I believe we have all been created for greater things than we can comprehend,” writes Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. “But such accomplishments are not achieved by fierce competitiveness, calculated one-up-manship, or cold indifference to others. True greatness will always be predicated upon love, respect, compassion, dignity, prayer, hard work, God.”

In this collection of memorable quotations, selected from Elder Holland’s talks and devotionals given over the past twenty-eight years, his remarkable insights and words of encouragement—particularly to women—are paired with inspiring visual images in a beautiful gift book designed to lift and strengthen readers in all walks of life.


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