"One of the greatest challenges for all of us is to learn how to live in the world without participating in all that it offers. Worldly standards will always be in a state of flux. The only true and unchanging standards are those set by the Savior and His teachings of the restored gospel."

--Donald L. Staheli, "Achieving Your Full Potential", Ensign, Feb 2009, 57–61

D&C 14:7

I Am a Child of God, Hymn #301
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Men of Influence
Robert Millet

In this sequel to his bestselling book Men of Valor, Robert L. Millet describes how men can become “men of influence,” thereby blessing their families and neighborhoods— even the world. How are we enabled to receive the Lord’s power? Brother Millet explains that maturing spiritually isn’t accomplished merely by being “active” in the Church and holding a current temple recommend, although those are necessary.

Men of Influence encourages men to achieve that connection between heaven and earth which eventually makes a good man into a holy man, transforming a noble man into a man who can lift the world.

If you feel you’re living beneath your potential as a priesthood bearer (or if someone you love is), this book provides inspiration and practical advice to enable you to become one of the Lord’s valiant servants.


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