"Very often in our anxiousness for the joys of the future we run away from the very things we are wanting and needing today. An appropriate examination of the passing moment will prove it leads to eternity. We need to constantly remind ourselves eternity is in process now."

--Marvin J. Ashton, "The Time Is Now", Ensign, May 1975, 85

D&C 27:15–18

We are Marching On to Glory, Hymn #225
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The Three Pillars of Zion
Larry Barkdull

The Three Pillars of Zion--A new, 5-book series by Larry Barkdull. This series is one of the most well-researched works ever written about Zion, and it contains critical messages for our day. Get a FREE sample at

Size: 8.5x11
Pages: Nearly 700
References: Over 3,800 footnotes
Tables of Contents detailed by subsection, bibliography, comprehensive index.
Book titles in the series:

Book 1: Zion—Our Origin and Our Destiny
Book 2: The First Pillar of Zion—The New and Everlasting Covenant
Book 3: The Second Pillar of Zion—The Oath the Covenant of the Priesthood
Book 4: The Third Pillar of Zion—The Law of Consecration
Book 5: The Pure in Heart


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