"Because of Christ there is hope smiling brightly before you, and you need not worry too much about sickness, death, poverty, or other afflictions. The Lord will take care of you. Your responsibility is to keep the commandments, feast upon the words of Christ, and stay in the path to your heavenly home."

--Julie B. Beck, "There Is Hope Smiling Brightly before Us", Ensign, May 2003, 103

2 Nephi 31:20

Press Forward Saints, Hymn #81
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Jesus Knows I'm a Christian - Talk CD
John Bytheway

The question of whether Mormons are Christians has received a lot of attention lately. It has been debated in the media and by members of other faiths, and the debate will probably continue for a long time.

However, the final word on whether Mormons are Christians will be decided by only oneó and that is Jesus Christ himself.

In this fireside presentation, Brother Bytheway discusses an experience at an Eagle Court of Honor and a conversation he had on an airplane with an evangelical minister, both of which spurred a search through the scriptures that led to a peaceful conviction: The heart of the matter is not what others think, but what Jesus knows.


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