"As we reflect on these examples and other scriptures, it becomes clear that spiritual rebirth originates with faith in Jesus Christ, by whose grace we are changed. More specifically, it is faith in Christ as the Atoning One, the Redeemer, who can cleanse from sin and make holy (see Mosiah 4:23)."

--Elder D. Todd Christofferson, "Born Again", April 2008 General Conference

2 Nephi 25:23, 26

I Believe in Christ, 134
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2013 Leadership Planning Calendar

LDS families are busy. Beyond being leaders in our homes, many of us also have leadership and service positions at church, our children's schools, and in other civic groups that add to those demands.

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You'll want to get one for each of your presidency members, busy household members, extended family, and even your neighbors. Combine it with a Family Home Evening lesson on maintaining a house of order, and you've just set the stage for the most organized, smoothest-running year ever. The 2013 Leadership Planning Calendar is a thoughtful gift that delivers all year long.


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