"As to remedying our personal mistakes, we face no hindering traffic jams on the road of repentance. It is a toll road, not a freeway, and applying Christís Atonement will speed us along."

--Elder Neil A. Maxwell, "Encircled in the Arms of His Love", November 2002 Ensign

3 Nephi 9:14

Lean on My Ample Arm, 120
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Sermons in a Sentence: Powerful Messages in Five Words or Less
John Bytheway

When you mark your scriptures, have you noticed that you often highlight only a phrase within a verse, or maybe just a word or two, or even a single word? Pondering these individual phrases can open your mind and heart to new thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

It has been said that the very best sermons have a great beginning, a great ending, and very little in between. The scriptures are rich with "Sermons in a Sentence," single phrases that communicate gospel truths with power. In this little book, John Bytheway explores forty-six such sermons, brilliant little gems mined from the priceless pages of the standard works.


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