Be Thou an Example - CD Music for the 2009 Youth Theme!

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Be Thou an Example - CD Music for the 2009 Youth Theme!


Be Thou An Example: 2009 Songs for Youth

Featuring Jessie Clark Funk, Sam Payne, Greg Simpson, Ben Truman, McCall Clark, Kaeli Hogan, Megan Flinders, AnnAlyse Gibbons, Rebecca Lopez, Clint Poulsen, and J.B. Ah-Fua

Music for the 2009 Youth Theme!

Be Thou An Example is filled with inspiring music that reminds our great youth of the powerful light their example is to the world around them, and encourages them to use that light to bless others. Created by EFY producers Jim Funk and Barry Gibbons, Be Thou An Example features music for both Young Women and Young Men; and includes songs ideal for musical presentations (Sacrament Meeting, New Beginnings, Firesides), the classroom, activities, camps, youth conference, or simply personal listening enjoyment. Accompaniment tracks for many of the songs included.

Quantity Discounts Availableó

Be Thou An Example makes a wonderful gift! Excellent for birthdays, girl's camps, leadership training camps/meetings, youth conferences, Relief Society birthday celebrations, visiting teaching gifts, and more. The quantity discount CDís are the full CD, including the accompaniment tracks; except they come in a plain paper sleeve, no CD booklet or jewel case, and can only be purchased in packs of 5. Click here for more information.

Listen to sound tracks here:

  • True Believers
  • Lighthouse
  • I Place My Trust In You
  • May I Stand
  • Until Then
  • Believe In Him
  • The Real Me
  • Lord, I Would Follow Thee
  • Becoming
  • The Way He Speaks to Me
  • Reach out with love
  • Live the Life


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