Divinity of the Family - CD

Dorthy K. Cloward

Divinity of the Family - CD


Inspired by The Family: A Proclamation to the World, gifted songwriter Dorthy Cloward has penned 16 outstanding songs celebrating the profound truths and strengthening principles contained within this amazing document.

The very finest LDS musicians and vocalist have come together to bring these songs to life, including Marvin Goldstein, Jessie Clark Funk, Michael Dowdle, Joy Gardner John Canaan and more.

Listen to the songs on this CD!

  • Your Light is Shining Through
  • Part of Heaven
  • Taught at Jesus Feet
  • We Read the Book of Mormon Every Day
  • Direction From the Lord
  • My Lord, My God, My King
  • Love and Peace
  • My Father, My Friend
  • You re Home
  • His Loving Sacrifice
  • Heal My Son
  • In Love, Eternal Love
  • Thy Beloved Son
  • Let Your Light Shine
  • Forever
  • Divinity of the Family

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