The Healing Power of Forgiving

Charles R. Hobbs

The Healing Power of ForgivingThe primary focus of this book is to help you the reader, come closer to Christ through an increased understanding of His atoning sacrifice as it relates to forgiveness.  The divine doctrine of forgiveness is the very essence of the Lord's redeeming love.  You will come to realize, more than ever before, that there is healing power in forgiving when done the Lord's way.

"I found the message and process concerning forgiveness inviting me to rethink the Savior's admonition to forgive others and myself. If people throughout the world would read and apply the principles within its pages, there would be an outpouring of love, understanding, peace, and harmony with each other."
          -Carroll Smith Wolstenholme, Former script supervisor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Music and the Spoken Word broadcast

"The Healing Power of Forgiving will help you become onewith Christ when you put into practice wht is taught in these pages. Charles Hobbs unfolds his story by sharing how he was able to overcome very difficult circumstances. In an easy-to-read style he will guide you into compelling insights on how to bring joy into your life and the lives of others through forgiving offenses."
          -Douglas and Barbara Smith

"The peace, hope, and inspiration that comes from this book are real.  This is the central message of Christianity - that true forgiveness is available through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  Charles Hobbs teaches us masterfully about our need to not only seek but also extend forgiveness, lest we experience the consequences of "the greater sin."  This insightful book details intimate stories of how burdens have been lifted, how personal peace can be achieved, and how readers can experience a strengthened resolve to apply these truths and receive the promised blessings."
          -G. Craig Hanson, Chief Operating Officer, Simmons Media

"This book can change your life."
          -Valerie Hatch, Division Editorial Director Gibb Smith Publishing

"The author presents powerful and convincing insights from his own experience and that of others, supported by scripture references, that forgiving is an essential, divine attribute for us all.  Drawing upon clinical research, Dr. Hobbs provides a step-by-step path for mastering this divine Christlike quality.  I highly recommend this book."
          -Ardeth Green Kapp, former General Young Women President


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