How To Remember Everything in the Old Testament

David R. Larsen

How To Remember Everything in the Old Testament"David Larsen is my hero!  I have struggled with remembering the locations of scriptural passages my entire life, and now I get it!  This book is very useful!"
          —Tate Olsen, Columbia, South Carolina

"Seminary scripture mastery scriptures have always been so hard for me.  With a few simple ideas from 'How to Remember Everything in the Old Testament' I can finally keep up with my classmates in scripture chases!"
          —High School Senior, Utah

In the book of Deuteronomy, Israel was repeatedly commanded, "Thou shalt remember"—an admonition repeated more than a hundred times in scripture.  How to Remember Everything in the Old Testament will help us fulfill that important injunction and apply the timeless lessons found in the Old Testament.  In this timely book, readers will discover:

  • Ten techniques used by memory experts at Harvard, Stanford, and Brigham Young University for developing an amazing memory.
  • How to remember the essence of any verse anywhere in the Bible.
  • How to instantly recall the location of any lesson or Old Testament story.
  • How to permanently burn important biblical facts into their brains.
  • How to memorize scriptures faster and more effectively.
  • How to keep their memory sharp and clear.
  • How to access the power of the greatest memory aid God has given us.

Author David R. Larsen also offers fun ways to help your children and others you teach understand and love the scriptures.  How to Remember Everything in the Old Testament is an invaluable guide to help you and your family remember the most important lessons and teachings found in the Old Testament.

There are many practical applications and advantages to being able to recall at will what is contained in the scriptures, or locate important counsel at opportune times.  This ability can be invaluable in our roles as parents, teachers, and missionaries in simply making daily decisions and in keeping our mind, mood and life in balance.


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