How to Assemble a 72 Hour Kit

Barry Crockett

How to Assemble a 72 Hour Kit


Few can fully comprehend the impact of these disasters unless they have personally experienced their destructiveness. But the worst part may not be the disaster itself. Often, the disasterís aftermath takes the largest toll on life and health. Lack of clean water, food, heat, light, first-aid equipment, and trained medical help - in other words, the lack of preparation and not the disaster itself - is usually the killer. Having a few basic kinds of provisions on hand can help alleviate that helpless feeling of panic associated with the occurrence of seemingly uncontrollable events.

The objective of the 72-hour emergency preparedness kit is to have, in one location, all of those essential itmes your family will require during the first 72 hours following an emergency. It is a collection of itmes you can use to keep dry, warm, fed, hydrated, and to treat injuries with. It saves time because you donít have to gather up essentials or look for supplies when youíre in a hurry. All you have to do is grab it and go.

Obviously, your family might never experience a catastrophic disaster that may pit their lives against your preparation and ingenuity. Nevertheless, being prepared with a fully stocked emergency-preparedness kit will permit you and your family to cast aside some of the fears of an uncertain future and feel confident in an emergency situation. It may even save your life or that of a loved one.


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