Joseph Smith Papers: Revelations & Translations-Vol. 1 - SEPT 22

Richard L. Bushman, Dean C. Jesse & Ronald K. Esplin

Joseph Smith Papers: Revelations & Translations-Vol. 1 - SEPT 22


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The Joseph Smith Papers puts into one comprehensive collection the writings attributed to this religious leader, offering information and insight about Joseph Smith, early Mormonism, and nineteenth-century American religion.

The next volume to release (late summer 2009) is the first volume of the Revelations and Translations series. It will present a transcription and photographic reproduction of each page of the two manuscript revelation books used by early scribes of Joseph Smith. This unprecedented access—the first publication of one of the revelation books—allows readers to own some of the earliest copies of the revelation manuscripts, including those used to print the Book of Commandments and 1835 Doctrine & Covenants.

The book will include an introductory essay with the balance of the book showing reproductions of the manuscripts. Owning a copy will be like having access to hand-written documents of historical significance in your own home or office.

To allow good readability of the reproduced documents, this series will publish at a larger size of 9" x 12" and estimated to be just under 800 pages. With large size and specifically selected papers with coated color finishing, each book is estimated to weigh between seven and eight pounds.

It will be a sizable work and a shipping surcharge will be in place due to weight.

This is the second book to be released in the comprehensive Joseph Smith Papers project. However, it is NOT Volume 2 in the "Journals" series, rather it is the first volume in the "Revelations & Translations" series within the larger overall Papers collection.

It is entitled:

Revelations and Translations Volume 1: Manuscript Revelation Books

This will be a large volume, measuring approximately 9x12 inches with documents and manuscripts.


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