Passage to Zarahemla - DVD

Chris Heimerdinger

Passage to Zarahemla - DVD


In a secret forested hollow of southern Utah, a spine-tingling mystery is about to unfold. Kerra and Brock McConnell are orphans on the run.

To keep from being separated by state authorities, they flee to the only relatives Kerra remembers from her earliest childhood - an LDS aunt and uncle who live at the ede of a wondrous place in the woods.

It's a place where parallel realities collide, and where ancient Nephites cross paths with the modern residents of a sleepy Utah town.

Embark on an adventure of breathtaking suspense, daring rescues, and relentless danger from some of the most lethal villains of all time. Experience a love story that transcends time and space against a magnificent backdrop of mind-bending imagination.


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