Real Love and Post-Childhood Stress Disorder

Greg Baer, M.D.

Real Love and Post-Childhood Stress Disorder


After severe trauma—war, natural disaster, physical assault, and so on—many people experience anxiety, intrusive and distressing memories, anger, difficulty with relationships, emotional detachment, and a loss of long-held beliefs about self, other people, and the world. These people have post-traumatic stress disorder—PTSD—and we feel compassion for them, rather than irritation at the inconvenience their symptoms often cause.
Nearly all of us suffer from a form of an unrecognized form of PTSD called post-childhood stress disorder—or PCSD. What every child needs most is to feel enough unconditional love—or Real Love—and each moment that a child is not unconditionally loved becomes a very real kind of trauma that profoundly distorts the way the child sees himself and the world—both in childhood and later as an adult. This post-childhood stress disorder severely interferes with the ability of children and adults to find personal happiness or fulfillment in relationships. These wounds are inflicted every day on most children, and parents are quite unaware of how they’re causing this problem.

· Do you have difficulty maintaining close, intimate, fulfilling relationships?
· Do you easily get angry at other people and blame them for how you feel?
· Do you often feel alone?
· Do you have a strong need to be “right” and win arguments or discussions?
· Do you often have difficulty understanding why you feel as you do?
· Do my reactions to some situations—fear, pain, anger, withdrawal—sometimes seem out of proportion to the event itself?
· Do I often feel hurt by what other people do to me? Or by what they fail to do for me?

If you’re like 98% of us, your answer to two or more of these questions is YES, and it’s very likely that you have PCSD. Finally—in Real Love and PCSD—you can learn about the real causes of personal pain and confusion, along with the real reasons you have relationship problems. Most important, you can learn to actually eliminate these conditions.

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