For more than twenty-five years the best-selling duo Afterglow have inspired and entertained listeners with encouraging, heart felt songs.

Their unique harmonies have thrilled thousands world-wide. You will love their new 2 CD Setó Versatility: Best of Country and Love Songs.

Take a great listening journey with love songs such as Teddy Bear Corner, I Need You, Not Far Away and You'll Be Mine.

Then take a walk in their boots as you listen to their unique style of country songs such as Overtime at Home, No Love Lost, I Will be Good to You, Roses From the Heart and moreó Plus the brand new song The Old Home Place.

Disc 1: CountryDisc 2: Love

  • Day By Day By Day
  • Let's Make It Mean Something
  • I love You Most of All
  • No Lost Love
  • Overtime At Home
  • Lonely Together
  • Southern Skys
  • I Can't Stop My Heart
  • You're The Girl
  • Roses From the Heart
  • Close to Home
  • The Old Home Place
  • Honeymoon
  • Believing is Seeing
  • Could Ya Would Ya
  • I Will Be Good to You
  • Power of Love
  • The Simple Things

  • I Need You
  • You'll Be Mine
  • Don't Want To Say Goodbye
  • The Way You Smile
  • Teddy Bear Corner
  • Not Far Away
  • What's Love
  • If It's Love
  • Straight From the Heart
  • You've Been There
  • The Letter
  • Can't We Talk it Over
  • A Feeling in My Heart Again
  • We'll Build a Place
  • Hold Me, Love me
  • All You Need is Love
  • You're My Lady

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