Amen: Speaking in Church with Purpose & Peace

Celeste Elain Witt

"AMEN is a treasure-trove of truth filled with valuable ideas and wise counsel on speaking by the Spirit.  It is a must for every Latter-day Saint family and vital for every teacher."
          —Ed J. Pinegar, Retired CES Instructor

Amen: Speaking in Church with Purpose & PeaceEach Sunday brings an opportunity to build the kingdom of God through messages shared from the pulpit.  When it's your turn, you want to do it well.

AMEN blends time-tested public speaking techniques with eternal gospel principles to help you improve the content and delivery of your sermons.  Each lesson in AMEN has a specific and easily understood message.

Everyone wants to be a good sacrament meeting speaker.  Here are the tools you need to speak with purpose and peace.

"If you’ve ever been nervous about speaking in Church, AMEN provides effective strategies to fulfill your responsibility with confidence and peace."
          —Gary and Joy Lundberg, Authors of I Don’t Have to Make Everything All Better


“Elain Witt’s suggestions raise the bar on speaking in Church and will help keep the moments following the sacrament sacred and meaningful.”
          —Dr. John Lund, Author of How to Hug a Porcupine

“Preaching a Christ-centered sermon should be the heart of every sacrament meeting. This book leads us in that direction.”
          —Rodger D. Sorensen, Chair, Department of Theatre & Media Arts, BYU


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About the Author:

Celeste Elain Witt teaches public speaking at Brigham Young University and coaches private clients.  She has a degree in American Studies from Chapman University and a master’s degree in Mass Communication from Brigham Young University.  Elain is the mother of five children and lives in Provo, Utah, with her husband, Greg.



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