Because I Believe


"The power of this incredible CD 'Because I Believe' will capture all the emotions you have to live a better life.  With songs like 'Stand in Holy Places' and 'Press Forward', you will be inspired to stay strong or examine and strengthen areas of your life that may need a lift.  The harmonies are so beautiful and the lyrics will make you want to listen to these songs over and over again.  We never tire from the messages and sweet voices of Heartbound!”"
          - Mr. and Mrs. John J. Edwards, Jr., Phoenix, AZ

Because I Believe - HeartboundAre you looking for a way to help fight the adversary?  With these original faith-promoting songs, written and sung by Heartbound, you will find strength to win the battle.

You will feel a deeper commitment to your beliefs as you listen to their beautiful harmonies combined with soul-searching messages.

Many, including missionaries throughout the world, have performed these songs in various capacities.  Because I Believe will assure you that trying to believe in this difficult world, is 
well worth the effort.

"Heartbound’s lyrics ring with truth, encouraging each of us to live lives of joy, selflessness, courage, peace and love.  Theirs is a message of hope for every generation.  Delicious, sparkling, joyous sound."
          - Jan Hopkins - Utah Spirit Magazine



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"Thomas Carlyle said, 'Music is well said to be the speech of angels.'  Debbie Bastian, Me'Chel Musgrave and Lori Hales (Heartbound) love music, too, and they have the great talent, ability, and desire to share it with others.  I think even Thomas Carlyle would appreciate their heavenly voices."
          -Fred Ball, Zion’s Bank, Speaking on Business



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