I Chose You

Written by Lindsey Shumway
Illustrated by Amy Hintze

"Every once in a while a story will come along that touches your soul so deeply that by the end you are a different person.  I Chose You by Lindsey Shumway is such a book.  This book is an absolute must have!"
          —Stephanie, Reporter for the Nevada Beehive Newspaper

I Chose You by Lindsey ShumwayI Chose You describes a day in heaven when a parent is given the opportunity to pick out his or her own child.  After searching through all the children, the parent says, "Each one was so different and beautiful that I had to walk up and down that line for a long time.  I looked at every one of those children.  And I chose you."

We each need to know that we are loved and valuable just the way we are.  I Chose You is a tool for conveying that love to children of all ages and makes an excellent gift for mothers-to-be, birthdays, or just to say, "I love you."

"I haven’t fallen in love with a children’s book like I Chose You since I read The Giving Tree to my children.  It has become the new nightly favorite at our house."
          —Michelle Loosii, Mother of Four from Florida


Author Bio:

Lindsey Shumway is a resident of Lehi, Utah.  She was born in raised in Seattle, Washington and came to Utah to pursue a marketing degree from Brigham Young University.  I Chose You is her first published work, adding Author to the list of titles she has held in the book business.  She is the Young Women’s President in her ward, and feels that she fits right in among the youth.  She loves walking her dogs, reading good books, and spending quality time with her husband, Adam.


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