Mobsters & Mormons

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"HaleStorm has done it again!  Mobsters and Mormons is a hilarious take on culture clash!"
-Jennifer Johnson

Mobsters & MormonsWhen forced by the FBI to rat out mob boss Angelo Marcello (MICHAEL KAGAN), Carmine "The Beans" Pasquale (MARK DECARLO, voice of Hugh Neutron on Jimmy Neutron) is a wanted man on the lam being hunted by hit man Little Nicky Cappuccio (JOE MARUZZO, The Sopranos).  Taking along wife Gina (JEANETTE PUCHICH) and son Vincent (CLAY TAYLOR), Carmine enters the federal witness relocation program and is given a new home and a new identity.

Now known as The Cheeseman Family from Omaha, Nebraska, these former East Coast mobsters are relocated into the middle of a quiet, straight laced Mormon community in Utah where much to Carmine's frustration; he can't even find a decent cup of coffee let alone a horse track.

Life in this small town becomes anything but ordinary once The Cheesemans move in.  Many locals are weary, if not outright afraid of these rough around the edges outsiders, while others go annoyingly far out their way to try to embrace them.  Despite the efforts of well meaning neighbor Michael Jaymes (SCOTT CHRISTOPHER, The Best Two Years) to help Carmine feel welcome, Carmine can't help but wonder if being this much of a fish out of water -- is actually better than "sleeping with the fishes."

"You've never seen anything like this.  Seeing the LDS church from a completely different side, clever and funny, HaleStorm's best yet!"
          -Alex Cameron

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