The Wise Men Of Bountiful

George Potter, Kathryn Kidd
Illustrated by Glenn Harmon

"Oh, what a wonderful Christmas story.  I am giving it to my family members for Christmas. Itís fun to read but at the same time inspiring.  The little girl Sabica taught me an important lesson about prayer."
          -Ila Jenson

The Wise Men Of BountifulSabica and Yousef live in the valley Bountiful, where Lehi and his family stopped on their way to the Americas. Their father, King Bashir bin Jared, is one of the frankincense kings. He and his friends, King Saleem and King Jacob, have seen the new star in the east. Now they are planning to visit the Savior in Judea. King bin Jared feels prompted to bring Sabica and Yousef. Soon they are on their way across the desert, facing perils of every kind but learning many important lessons.

Author and Book of Mormon explorer George Potter brings to life the story of Christís birth from a unique LDS perspective. It is a story you will enjoy reading with your family again and again.

This beautifully illustrated bedside story is a wonderful adventure; your children will be leaning over the edges of their beds as they embark on a journey through fabled cities in search of the Savior.

"The Wise Men of Bountiful is a such a creative way to illustrate how the Book of Mormon explains Biblical mysteries, like the origin of the Wise Men.  Our family read the story for family home evening.  The children loved it, and so did I."
          -Vicki Rasmussen

"In the darkness outside the tent, Yousef whispered to Sabica, 'What is the Messiah?' Sabica replied, 'The Messiah is Godís son.  You have heard Papa talk about him before.  His name will be Jesus Christ. At least, thatís what the Prophet Nephi told our ancestors.  Thatís what prophetís do, you know.  The job of the prophet is to tell the world that the Messiah will come to earth and save us.'"


Author Bio:
Renowned Book of Mormon explorer George Potter draws upon his years of research in Arabia to create a marvelous Christmas Story that not only tells the story of Christ birth in a way children can understand the importance of the Savior, but also recounts the story of the Wise Men as they retrace Lehiís trail, and in way children will enjoy reading.

Brother Potter has written three books on his research, including his landmark work, Lehi in the Wilderness, 81 new documented evidences that the Book of Mormon is a true history, and produced 9 documentary films on Book of Mormon and Bible archaeology.  He is the editor of a monthly Book of Mormon archaeology newsletter which can be found on his website,, and is a popular speaker at LDS events.


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