"I wanted to thank you for the time that goes into the quotes that go out each week.  As I moved away from home last year and started attending BYU Idaho I had a hard time adjusting.  My roommate and I loved Wednesdays because we would get a quote to help us.  We would print them out and put them around our room.  I really appreciate the effort that you put into this.  Just know that it has helped someone."


"Thanks for the email.  I can always use an uplift in my day."


"I always find something of worth in your nuggets.  I love the inspirational messages from the leaders of the church.  There's always something of interest."
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"With all the many e-mails one receives each day, I look forward to the common sense and inspirational thoughts LDSnuggets gives me.  Thank you."


"Thank you so very much , I get so overwhelmed sometimes with all that I have to do with my life and husband, children, callings, school, work, ect., that receiving the LDS nuggets helps enhance what I have read in my scriptures studies."


"Thank you.  I love these.  I use them in my lessons and Family Home Evenings with my children."
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"I loved this nugget.  Especially timely."
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"You find the best quotes!  We read them when we study the scriptures and have family prayer.  It has added great conversations to our evening with the family."
          -Tanner C.


"I love your daily nuggets."


"I look forward to them and use them often in my Relief Society Lessons."
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"Your Nuggets truly help in my quest to be Christ Centered."


"I always enjoy the thoughts."
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"Your information is ALWAYS very helpful and useful!!!  THANKS SO MUCH for keeping it coming.  Good Luck in your continued success."
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"I always find the nuggets to be inspiring; this one is no exception."


"I always enjoy the little nuggets.  They are great thought provokers and bring a bit of the spirit into some very busy days."
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"This 'nugget' went hand in hand with what I have been studying and with personal weaknesses I am trying to strengthen."
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"Your wonderful LDSnuggets seem to come at the right moment, and inspire and lift my day.  Thank you!"


"Thanx for the helps a lot!!!"
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"I look forward to LDSnugggets.  It has enriched my life and my file cabinet.  I make hard copies of most of your info for teaching.  Thanks to everyone who makes this possible for me!"
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"I am finding that reading the Nuggets of Thoughts before my day commences is a huge help to me throughout the day.  I print most of them off so as I can refer to them many times.  Thank you very much for including me on your list of subscribers."
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"I really do enjoy LDS nuggets they have been awesome and I look forward to seeing them.   They are very informative and a lot of the ladies on our LDS group have been sharing them I am so glad that they did."


"I don't even know who started giving me the LDS Nuggets, but I certainly am glad they gave you my name.  I work in the insurance field and I work all kinds of disasters.  When I get the 'Nuggets' it makes my day go by so much better.  It is amazing that just a few words from one of the General Authorities can soothe and make me realize how blessed I am!  Thank you so much!"
          -L. Ryan


"In a world that is filled with oceans of tidal-waving darkness, spears of light are what we need to hold on to and to look forward to as we press with much fervor to the cause which the Lord desires us to maintain.  Words of wisdom here and there help those of us who feel fatigued with the wickedness that walls us in.  I am greatly appreciative for those with great missionary spirits to assist those of us who need those 'spears of light' in this world of overcoming darkness (and I am referring to this Site).  Thank you!  Every little bit counts!"


"I live in England and I really enjoy having the contact from LDSnuggets.  I find the comments uplifting and give me added strength when they pop up on my screen.  Thank you."
          -Judith C.


"I enjoy receiving the uplifting and inspiring messages that you send!"


"At times life is hard, and right now life is hard, these words ring true for me.  It helped to remember that life is only for a short time and in the eternity if I endure to the end I will be blessed."
          -Sandy B.


"My husband is a member of the army and is currently serving in Iraq.  I know that we both hope for peace and want peace for many reasons.  One of the best ways that we have been able to find peace in our world is the turn to Jesus Christ.  It's good to hear of peace and it's even better to be able to have peace within our hearts and souls.  Thank you for the added peace and comfort that David O. McKay shared with us all."


"I love LDS Nuggets and print up some of them that are especially meaningful.  That is not to say that they are not all inspiring.  Thank you very much."


"Thank you for the newsletter.  I always learn something new each time.  It helps me not only get through the day, but makes me remember my purpose here."
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"The nuggets are wonderful.  I have found much peace and determination to follow the teachings provided from them.  A small spiritual message daily helps me to remember gospel principles and makes me more determined to live them -- all of them!"
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"I love hearing words from our living prophet."
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"I enjoy the nuggets because they are short and concise.  Thanks.  It is a daily feast to read these type of comments when viewing e-mail."
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"Being an inactive sister, I am so uplifted by the nuggets when I receive them.  I very much appreciate the time that someone puts in to get the gospel to all His children.  Thank you again!


"Just wanted you to know that I appreciate these small nuggets of thought.  They make my day brighter and always give me cause to ponder and reflect on how I might improve.  Good thought has obviously gone into the selection of these 'nuggets' of wisdom.  Thanks."
          -Sue E.


"A great reminder for all of us, so much of the world takes the word father for granted."
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"You always have topics that are needed right at the time.  Thanks for supplying appropriate information that is very useful!!"
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"This is exactly what I needed to get a start on the talk I have to give in Sacrament Meeting on Father's Day!  Thanks for the boost!!!"
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"It's true, but, how soon we forget!  Thank you, for reminding me."
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"What WONDERFUL, COMFORTING thoughts..."


"These are great, keep it up!"
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"Thank you for the uplifting and inspiring quotes from our Church leaders.  I work at home and enjoy taking a moment to read and ponder their words, which significantly brighten my day."
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"I look forward to each message.  It gives me a spiritual lift in a very busy day.  It always comes at the most Appropriate times."
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"There are some days when I know life is going to be a struggle just to make it through, and some days I get a little extra boost just from reading a two sentence LDS nugget.  So thank you because you never know what simple words will uplift a soul."


"Thank you.  Today was the perfect quote at the perfect time!"

"I just want to thank you for sending out this positive thoughts, that are needed very badly in the world that we live in today.  I look forward to these uplifting messages."


"Whenever I get an ldsnugget, it is right at the moment I, or someone in my family needs that particular quote.  I am so glad to be getting these.  It has led me to prayer, study and much pondering.  Thank you."


"I do appreciate the inspiration I get from reading the thoughts and I always pass them on to family and friends.  Thanks so much."


"The LDS Nuggets I receive not only inspire me but my family and I think they're a wonderful idea.  Thank you."
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"Thanks I needed a boost."


"I always find the nuggets of great worth and sincerely look forward to them!  I pass them along to non members as well.  Thanks !  Keep em coming!"


"I find that I am always amazed a spiritual thought always finds me when I need it through LDS nuggets.  I also appreciate and am grateful for the CD gift I received a while ago.  It has a lot of inspiration in it. (the Hope CD by joy Gardner) Thanks you tonz!  Have a great day!"
          -Beki W.


"Love the ldsnuggets - and use them as missionary seeds to be passed on to non members who I believe could use certain ones in their lives.  Thanks so much."
          - Sandi M.


"This helps me understand and accept my father's death.  Thanks so much for the comfort."


"Great nugget.  I have been thinking of just this thing since getting back from visiting martin cove..."


"Look forward to this every day.  Thank you for all you do."
          -Gail K.


"I had just given two talks on the weekend on 'Trials & Blessings- my cup runneth over' as I shared the story about my son who had cancer.  This quote summed up my talk.  I didn't get to use it that weekend but I will include it in my handout.  Thanks."
          -Michele M.


"I thoroughly enjoy reading the nuggets!  Quite inspiring!!  They hit home more than I wish to say."
          -Gary W.


"The comments and scriptures are very rewarding to me and my family.  Thank you for the inspirations as we continue to learn from gods word and wisdom."
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"I am amazed that when I am preparing for a talk, I find the quote or comment right here in your emails.  Thank you so much!"
          -Kelly M.


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"I think many people feel overwhelmed these days.  This quote came at an appropriate moments for me!  Thanks."


"Thank you so much for LDSnuggets, I have enjoy reading them."

"This was a great message.  It does take time.  Sometimes we forget that in our instant gratification society."
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"Just thank you for the nuggets.  They brighten my day and are uplifting.  I print them out and post them in the bathroom!"
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"Today's nugget is great. It could help a lot of people who think they are failing.  It gives encouragement to keep going."


"I always read them and use many of them for visiting teaching or my RS lessons.  Thanks again."
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"I love LDSnuggets!  They always brighten my day, and help me remember what I am doing here!  Thanks!"
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"In the morning I'll get on a plane to Texas to see my Dad who is gravely ill with a mysterious malady.  Elder Russell's words will give me comfort.  Thanks."
          -Ginny S.


"Thanks for today Nugget it was inspiring."


"Thanks... I find the LDS nuggets very uplifting."


"I have been saving each nugget and then printing them on small cards to send to my son on his mission."
          -Khristy G.


"I really did get a lot out of this particular nugget.  It is true that what you teach your children can not only be told or spoken to them but must also be taught by example through us to them.  If we say one thing and then turn around and do another that is not a true example of the teachings that we are trying to get across to them.  We must first follow what we teach them before they can follow what is taught to them."


"These have wonderful information and all of the ladies on my LDS women's group called HSH (home sweet home) have been talking about nuggets so I had to come and find out what they were before deleting I am so glad I did not delete.  Now I am seeing them in my mail box every day the are someone else's but I am enjoying them."


"I look forward to receiving the LDSnuggets--it seems that each one says just exactly what I need to be reminded of at that point in my day.  Please know that you are providing a blessing in my life and as well as the lives of many, many others through this service.  Thank you!"
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"The LDSnuggets are always the first email I open when I arrive at work (about 6:00 a.m.).  They always set the tone for my day.  Thanks for sharing these treasures!"
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"I like nuggets . . they are short and very inspirational.  I had been saving almost all of them and somehow the file got deleted.  How grateful I was to find an archive on the next issue I got.  I am sure I will find many valuable quotes for father talks in your archives!"
          -Garry M.


"Thank you so very much for the 'inspirational' nuggets.  They brighten my day.  Sometimes I 'borrow' one to use in our Sunday Ward bulletin as a 'thought for the day.'  Yes, I am LDS."
          -Jawnie G.


"I really liked the thought sent today (yesterday) by Russell M. Nelson.  It turned me to his talk, in which I was able to find the truths I needed hear today.  Thanks."


"This nugget coincides with one of the talks from the latest General Conference and is the topic of my visiting teaching.  Thank you!"
          -Kitty B.


"I think that this nugget is so true.  We always run into problems when we think our will is more important than the Lord's.  It causes us so much pain."
          -Mary D.


"Thank you, I love these!!!  I print them and take them to work and put them on my desk, for all day inspiration and possible missionary opportunities!!  Thank you!"
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"Everything!!  I love all of it so much!!  I am so glad that I became a member of this beautiful site!!  I have a really bad depression problem and after reading this it brings me out of my depression.  Thank you so much!!"
          -Christine H.


"I really enjoy reading and learning about beautiful available music, even up here in Alaska.  Thanks.
          -Catherine C.


"I was preparing a talk for Stake Conference today and found this 'nugget' from Dwan J. Young in my email box.  There were 3 parts in her article that fit with my topic so well.  I am very grateful that I had that at the tip of my fingers to quote in my stake conference talk.  Thanks so much, I really needed that!"
          -Elisha C.


"I have a very good friend who is going through her first Mothers Day as a single parent.  The quote by Pres. Faust made her feel worthwhile again.  Thanks."


"This was a great nugget to forward to friends and family, even those who are not Church members, being that Mother's Day is Sunday!"
          -Valerie R.


"As a mother, I appreciated the LDS Nugget on Motherhood by James E. Faust.  I am not a single mother, but, Single Mothers are heroes and deserve the recognition President Faust mentioned.  Thank You!"
          -Susan H.


"I really enjoy getting my emails!  The quotes are great, and they bring some kind of meaning into my life whether it may not be needed that day that I read it, but it helps with some part of my daily life, Thank you for you time and great service!"
          -Melody K.


"Thank you so much for all the nuggets you send.  I sent this one to all the women I know.  Thanks again."
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"I appreciate  In these days there are some pretty terrible things going on.  Your little nuggets are so helpful in cheering me up.  Thanks."
          -Margaret H.


"I simply love these 'nuggets'.  Each is an invitation to ponder."


"They always seem to be exactly what I need regarding the trials I'm having at the time."


"I look forward to the LDSnuggets.  It is very uplifting to me."
          -RaNae A.


"I think the daily LDSnuggets strengthened my faith.  It is like reading scriptures in the midst of your task.  Thank you."
          -Heidi N.


"Thank you, Thank you for all your nuggets.  I love them."


"I love the nuggets.  They are great and I love to share them with my family and friends."


"Elder Maxwell always had a way of making things clearly 'visible' through his words.  Thank you for helping me to 'keep moving' through a hard day!"


"Today's was especially good -- I keep telling my kids that we all have our own crosses to bear!"


"Always good to read uplifting thoughts - to keep our minds on higher plains."


"I love Elder Maxwell he will forever be an inspiration to me.  I'm a cancer survivor and I find his words comforting."
          -Jamie T.


"Thanks for the is great during a busy day at work!!"
          -Megan M.


"I LOVE the nuggets -- thanks for sending them along.  So glad to have them to brighten my day and give me something to think about!!"
          -Sister King


"I sincerely appreciate the uplifting thoughts that are shared.  Each day has a different challenge and through prayer, scripture study and following the council of our leaders I feel my testimony strengthened on a daily basis.  The music 'Heaven Moves On' is motivating and I can relate to it.  Thanks."
          -Gay W.


"LDS nuggets are a perfect way to start your day!  I love them and look forward to seeing them in my inbox!:)"


"I love the messages that you send to me and they always seem to be the right message I need for that day.  As I sit and do my work, these messages help me to gain strength."
          -Dorthy C.


"Enjoy each nugget.  Starts me thinking and alert everyday.  Some have confirmed what I believed in my heart and others just inspire me to be better.  Thanks for your hard work and insight."
          -Barbara H.


"I appreciated the source of the quote.  I did not get to see the Worldwide Leadership conference and probably would never have run across that quote except for in your publication.  Thanks."
          -JoLynne D.


"Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you."
          -Karen A.


"Thank you...I love them."
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"I wish we could get nuggets every day they sure help my day go smoother.  Thank you."


"I enjoy LDS Nuggets because there are often articles for sale (books etc.) which interest me and are available for purchase."
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"They often come at a time when I am struggling with something and are often an answer to a question."
          -Nancy W.


"I enjoy reading my nuggets.  Always inspiring."


"I receive your nuggets at work and really appreciate them.  My job is VERY stressful customer service and the breath of fresh air the nuggets provide can be sanity saving some days.  THANKS!"
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"I love having a daily pick me up.  Very uplifting and it really helps to be reminded to look for the good in things.  Thanks."


"I love learning about new LDS Music!  I can't wait to get this new CD Prayer - Songs of The Blessings and Power of Prayer!  Thanks!"


"I appreciate the analogy of Heavenly Father as the gardener.  Sometimes I take a lot of nurturing and the weeds in my life obscure my view of him."
          -Dan F.


"I always appreciate it when my daughter sends these 'nuggets' on to me.  They lift me and help me have a better day."
          -Virginia S.


"This is one of my favorite all-time stories.  I remember as a teenager using it in a Sacrament Talk.  Thank you for the stroll down memory lane and.....a reminder of the Lord's hand in our lives...DAILY...HOURLY!"
          -Kim T.


"What a great reminder at such a difficult time in my life.  My family and I are experiencing great trials and this 'nugget' if  just the thing I needed to hear !  Thanks you !!"
          -Julie C.


"I enjoy the inspirational thoughts.  Keep them coming!"
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"Wonderful, uplifting, inspiritual to start out the day.  Keep them coming."


"I enjoy them immensely.  A sister walked up to me this past Sunday and thanked me for giving you her name to receive LDS nuggets, she said they made her day."
          -Martha H.


"I only signed up for nuggets yesterday.  I am a convert of 5 years, and the trials have been very difficult these past few months.  This nugget I received tonight opened my eyes to all that I've read and heard from others yet had forgotten.  I greatly appreciate the Holy Spirit leading me to LDSnuggets, and knowing what I needed to hear at the right time."
          -Wendt D.


"Thank you for your uplifting nuggets.  Your presentation is clean, clear and appreciated."


"I do not consider my self a reader, however the books that are put out and recommended by you I find very interesting, enlightening and worth reading."
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"It seems that each nugget is just what I need to hear on that specific day.  Please keep up the wonderful work!"
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"I love nuggets.  They are the best part of my day."
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"I especially enjoyed this 'nugget' and am always needing reminders of Sabbath Day observance to help my children remember and strive to keep.  We do fairly well at home but when visiting at someone else's' home, they often forget.  Thank you again."
          -Kim T.


"The Nuggets are always and thought provoking, inspiring conversations.  Thank you for sharing.  I should also add timely to list of attributes."
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"My daughter signed me up for the LDS Nuggets about a month ago.  She had them sent to my work address.  Often times the work place isn't very 'inspiring' as we work with others that are not exactly trying to live by Christ's teachings.  How nice it has been to receive the nuggets and add a bit of inspiration into my day."
          -Greg S.


"The 'Nuggets' are thoughts that give me a 'theme' for the day to ponder and store away in the 'corners of my mind.'  Thank you so very much!"
          -Flo H.


"I appreciate receiving LDS Nuggests.  I can't spend a lot of time on the computer, and this way I really get a small thought for the day that is special to me.  Thanks so much."
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"I really enjoy reading a wonderful quote early in the morning."
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"I love getting these inspiring messages.  They always help to brighten my day!  Thank you!!"


"This was my first, and has given me something enjoyable to think about all day!  I look forward to many more!"
          -Jolene S.


"I will use this this evening as I visit one of my Home Teaching families.  It is a good close to go with the President Thomas S. Monson's message in this month's Ensign."
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"I look forward to the LDSnuggets and will often times print them as bookmarks for the sisters in our Ward.  Thank you so much."
          -Carroll M.


"This will really help me with the teenagers.  Especially serving in YW's it is a great concept, that I've never thought of before.  Thx."
          -Lisa G.


"Thank you for this quote.  It sounded familiar (more than conference watching...).  I am teaching from this Ensign article the fourth Sunday of this month.  That was the quote that stuck out to me as I have been preparing to teach my class.  Thank you, for all of your efforts."
          -Beth T.


"I have been wanting to find a study guide to use along with the Old Testament and I found that information in LDSnuggets.  I clicked on the link to Far West Books and ordered the study thank you!"


"I print many of your talks to have them in my files.  I loved this talk, 'Opposition in Order to Strengthen Us.'  Thank you for LDSnuggets, it's wonderful!"
          -Jackie M.


"I always find them wonderfully inspiring... thanks!!"


"I just love starting my day with the LDSNuggets.  It is the e-mail I look forward to.  Thanks for uplifting us everyday."
          -Noraly A.


"I love LDSnuggets!"
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"Thank you for a terrific newsletter.  I always take a saying, quote, verse etc to church and give a copy of it to each member here at our little Branch.  Each week something seems to feel right to share and your little nuggets of info really help me to choose the following Sunday's sayings."
          -Julie W.


"This is a great break for me each day to receive this info, especially during a stressful times."


"Sometimes I don't have time to read the nuggets but I still peruse the email topics and when moved upon, read them.  I always glean something useful and purposeful for my life.  I especially like the scripture quotes and hymn selections that go with the nuggets."
          -Kim T.


"A very special message.  Thank you!"


"I always enjoy the little thoughts.  They are a refreshing e-mail to open."


"General Conference begins today.  How timely the nugget message and how grateful I always am to receive the very good word and reminder.  I am planning on listening to the speakers and trying to learn and change.  Thank you nuggets."
          -Vicky N.


"I love your choice of Golden Thoughts.  I have used them in lessons and shared them with my Visiting Teaching sisters."
          -Melanie Y.


"Keep on sending the great inspirational nuggets."
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"Thank You so very much this has been so inspiring, uplifting, encouraging."


"Always love Neal Maxwell insights."


"I always find what you send of worth and great inspiration.  Thank you for this service and for providing a positive place to renew faith in oneself and the world we live in."
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"Wonderful.  I loved it."


"I truly enjoy receiving the LDSnuggets."
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"All of these nuggets are as choice as can be I appreciate you for sending them to me!"
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"I love to start my day off right with a nugget, a bit of spiritual inspiration in such a hectic world."
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"I send your ldsnuggets to our missionary son each time I find one in my e-mail."


"Thank You!  Your nuggets always brighten my day!  Thanks for this great service that your providing!"
          -L. Gaisford


"Just what I needed.  In this busy world where so much is needed and expected something like this keeps my life in check.  The way it truly should be.  Thanks for sending these - you're appreciated and right on track!!!!"
          -Laurie L.


"Message very timely and of worth."


"Thank you so much for the uplifting messages from our Prophets and Apostles.  They give me daily direction and motivation to continue on with more vigor and faithfulness.  In today's world of many 'great and spacious buildings', we all need constant fortifications.  God Bless You."
          -Sis. Tina R.


"Thanks, I needed that!!"


"Love all the nuggets, some just seem to pertain more to me than others.  Loved this one!!!!!"
          -Lynn P.


"Neal Maxwell is the best.  I figured out the music option/feature and what great people you are.  You already knew that but thank you from the bottom of my heart."
          -Vicky N.


"I always enjoy the LDSnuggets.  They give me ideas, hope and a better understanding for the things I need and should be concentrating on.  Thanks."
          -Cindy R.


"I love these inspirational thoughts that come in and light up my life."
          -Donna H.


"I am struggling at the moment with a number of major challenges, all of which are not directly of my making.  Your nugget has given me renewed determination to keep on keeping on.  Thanks."
          -Evelyn W.


"It made me think of Christ and Howard W. Hunter said to think of Him more often.  Thank you sincerely."
          -Vicky N.


"I appreciate reading them it helps when I am having a bad day!  Thanks for all that you guys do!!!"


"I love this!  Keep it coming!  Thank You!"
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"I look forward to your uplifting nuggets every day."
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"This is a beautiful quote.  Thanks so much for sending it and for making my day!!"


"Keep them coming.  I need all the inspiration I can get.  Thanks."


"It's very nice to receive the nuggets, it brightens my day...."


"My friends and I find the nuggets very uplifting."
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"I love the nuggets.  I read them daily.  It is a great way to start my day at work.  Keep up the good work.  Anything that will lift us up is good."


"What better way to start a day.  A great quote that seems to come my way and each time seems to be the answer that I need."


Today's nugget was especially significant to me as I have been battling with breast cancer for the last 4 months.  It tells me that even the 'good' people will have trials.  Thank you!"


"I enjoy the 'thoughts' and updates.  Thank you for all the information.  At present, I especially appreciate information on Wilford Woodruff.  Thank you."


"I really enjoy the quotes.  Sometimes the quotes are exactly what I need to hear at that moment.  Some give me ideas on how I should better my life.  Thank you for taking the time to pick out the quotes and email them."
          -Dawn B.


"Sure hope y'all don't mind, but my husband & I use these quotes in sending out letters to the less active.  We are Missionaries in our ward in Shawano, Wisconsin.  Enjoy the quotes tremendously."
          -Gloria J.


"My wife is saving these thoughts in a file.  We love them."
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"I love your Nuggets.  This one by Hugh B. Brown is so timely as I heal from my broken hip.  You're great."
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"Wow really inspiring.  I shared with more friends and they loved the idea."
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"The LDSnuggets have been my inspiration, and my motivator.  It happened when I attended an interview and I failed.  That same day I opened my e-mail box and the golden thought for the day was that failure should be the end.  That encouraged me to start again and that has reminded me about the saying which goes 'If at first you don't succeed, try again.'  I am very grateful to LDSnuggets."
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"As I go about my day with the ups and downs. . . when i get a break and check my email it is so uplifting to read your nuggets. . . thank you very much for upping my day."
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"I received the certificate at 3:50 PM...I was soooo excited I just couldn't wait.  When there is a sale as great as the one Latter-Day Creations was having time is of the essence.  I can't begin to tell you how you made my day, even my year!!!  I've been wearing a 'borrowed' dress for over a year, being on social security disability, money for a special dress is hard to come by.  But I continued to pray and hope each month that I'd have a little maybe to put away.  When I received your note telling me I could go to the treasure box, I was very happy.  I thought, how nice, a book or statue or maybe a CD I could play at my daughters, but when I saw that gift certificates were available for Latter-Day Creations I was blown away.  I was squeezing every possible resource to get a dress.  They are beautiful and the prices unbelievable.  I know it was because of intervention from our Heavenly Father that put me, you and Latter-Day Creations together.  I won all the way, great material from your LDSnuggets, the gift certificate, my friends having the chance to enjoy LDSnuggets as I do, and having this wonderful business drop into my life with just what I needed.  Thank you, is just not enough to say to express my gratitude to all concerned.  I expect to have my new dress Friday.  My next visit to our local Fresno Temple will be almost as special as my first.  God Bless you for all you do, have done and will do."


"Yes I love all thoughts that come from you web site."
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"I purchased the book today, we just moved wards and I am thinking we will probably be asked to give a talk soon.  Also as new convert members we need the help to grow."
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"Made me think....and ponder.  Thank you."
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"It is great starting my day with the LDSnuggets...A great uplift, especially when I am having a bad day.  They are great to share too.  Thanks!"


"I so enjoy all the comments made and listening to all the church songs please don't ever give up this wonderful web site.  Thanks."


"I so love all you do, thank you for thinking of these books, stories, scriptures everything is great I thank you for doing this."
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"They are like a fresh glass of water on a hot summer day."
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"This nugget was great.  Reason being is that I had a lot of questions from the Y.W. of our ward about why they don't get answers to their prayer right away.  I had been praying for an answer and because of your nuggets it was there for me.  Thank you very much."
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"I appreciate the suggested helps for Relief Society lessons.  Glad to know about the book on Wilford Woodruff."
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"This nugget goes along perfectly with a lesson I am preparing for Sunday.  Thanks!"


"My wife and I always love reading the 'Nuggets' we receive.  They are inspirational and help us out."
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"Just what I needed to lift me up after an emotionally hard day at work."


"I find the nuggets uplifting and timely.  I just forwarded one to a sister whom I visit teach that answered a question she had.  Her faith was wavering and the quote by Elder Oaks about delayed revelation was so timely."
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"It is good to find uplifting thoughts on your computer or anywhere for that matter.  I try to feed on the positive not the negative, so I appreciate good thoughts.  Thank You!!"


"This is a reminder that we all need.  Especially when it comes from a Prophet of God!"
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"I absolutely love LDS nuggets they always give my day the lift and inspiration I need.  It gives me something to think about, be grateful for, to build my testimony, bring me change, and help me try harder to be better.  Thanks so much for sending me LDS nuggets.  I highly appreciate all the effort.  Have a great day!"
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"I copy and am using most of your FHE ideas.  I really appreciate your website.  Keep up the great work!"
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"I really enjoy the daily inspirational thoughts each weekday and wish we had them over the weekend also.  Thank you very much."
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"I love this. It has helped me in my 'member missionary' works as well. When I see a nuggett that I know will help a non member friend, I always forward it with a message to let them know I was thinking about them and somehow this tidbit motivated me to.  I have always gotten a phone call from my friend thanking me for them.  If that weren't enough to thank you for, I truly enjoy them and they help me set my day in prayer and good thoughts as I read my emails before I go off to work.  Ok, and one more, thank you for the advertisers...the Missionary Emporium what a great website to be able to purchase LDS things for friends, myself and my 'Boys' that keep coming for dinner.  It also helps me in my callings, giving me ideas and tools to work with making me so much more successful in them.  What a true joy to be part of this wonderful gospel and be surrounded with those who make it so much easier for us to get thought it together.  Very truly yours."
          -Cherie W.


"I love any uplifting thoughts in this crazy world we live in.  It is so hard to work out in the world today and try to be positive at every moment.  Thank for the little thoughts that help us remember who we are and why we are here.  Please keep it up."


"Love the nuggets!!!  They are great little enlightenments in my email box!!"


"Thank you for the inspiration you bring with your emails!"
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"Love all of your 'nuggets' and I print a good deal of them off for future reference.  Thank you for giving me a little food for thought most days."
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"I was fervently praying for answers to a problem I was having with my son.  I seemed to get no answer, and was feeling down and unworthy of help from my Heavenly Father.  The very next day, I received your 'nugget' on delayed revelation.  I know it was a tender mercy of the Lord in letting me know why I didn't seem to be heard of Him.  I often share your nuggets with nonmember friends...who always appreciate the wisdom found in such a small and simple thing.  Thanks so much...I'm sure a lot of thought and research goes into these nuggets!"
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"You nuggets are ALWAYS such an uplift and inspiration to me."


"Just what I need."
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"I think the thought was very inspirational to have faith and know that if you make a mistake you can do it again.  And although God may not always answer right away or give you the answer you want when you want it he is always there for us."
          -Autumn B.


"Often I use the inspirational messages as Spiritual Thoughts for my Seminary class.  What better way to teach the youth the words of Prophets and leaders."
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"After reading the nuggets, I ponder on them and find further insight and application uses in my daily life.  Your time is well spent in selecting and sending them to us.  Thank you for these divine words selected to share with us."
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"I don't often have time to read long these little thoughts are very meaningful to me."
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I" really love receiving uplifting spiritual messages via email - it is one of the best ways to spotlight the positive aspects of the internet.....Thank you for the service you provide to the world!"
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"I love this site.  It is a great one.  The quotes are very helpful and love starting my day with them."


"This came at a time when it was really needed.  It help me to look at things different.  Receiving these nuggets of thought have really added to my day!!  Thanks!"


"I read these beautiful messages as soon as I get them, I am a Relief Society stake president, and I have been wondering and thinking about a good theme for a fire side talk to Relief society sister and single adults and I think I got my answer for next talk, thank you."
          -Margarita S.


"I will be sharing this quote with several people here at the hospital in which I work.  We are attempting to teach our staff that they can and should 'choose their attitude' each day as they enter the building, remembering to put the patient first.  This is an excellent example. Thank you!"
          -Alice D.


"I enjoy and learn from all LDS nuggets."
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"I had read Viktor Frankle's book some years ago and was inspired by it then and again, reading the quote.  I must dig out my copy and refresh my memory.  Thanks for taking the time to inspire me once more."


"I'm not even sure how I got signed up to receive these little nuggets of inspiration, but they are truly uplifting for me.  My current situation is a difficult one and as I read these thoughts, it does give me a glimpse of hope and reinforcement to keep 'movin' on.'  Thank you."
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"A dear friend signed me up for the LDS Nuggets and I love them.  Thanks for having a great site online that I know will always have wonderful, inspiring quotes from all our general authorities, and that I can always trust the content of all the nuggets. Thanks and God Bless."
          -Marilyn C.


"I loved reading this book!!   The author could have literally lost his life and probably his family could have been lost too just because of religion.  After I joined the LDS Church, my parents disowned me.  It might as well have been the loss of life to me too.  It's real crazy the price some have to pay in life to find so much happiness in trying to get closer to the Lord."
          -Shirley O.


"Yes, I have enjoyed them immensely.  Some friends have called to tell me thanks for submitting their names to be included on the LDSnuggets.  Messages have come in the most appropriate times."
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"Encouraging. I can't wait to get the book."
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"I enjoy the snipets they work well in our daily lives and give me something that a longer message would miss due to time constraints, keep up the good work....and thank you."
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"I love the quality of the messages you send, the Temple clothes and words of wisdom.  Thank you."
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"I enjoy them immensely, and send them to all my family and friends....Keep it up...Thanks."
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"I look forward each day to looking in my inbox to see what wonderful words of inspiration the LDSNuggets is going to deliver to me.  There are days when I don't know if I can make it through and there is a thought or quote from LDSNuggets that just seems to fit and makes feel that there is hope for the day.  Keep up the good work!"
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"Very uplifting, instructive and insightful."


"They are great!!!!!!!!!!!"


"It always helps me to learn more about repentance to get messages like the one Pres. Faust gave this time.  Thank You."


"I find the nuggets helpful to keep me in a positive, cheerful and spiritual mood.  I keep many of them in my files for use as inspirational messages to others and in lessons that I teach."


"I look forward to the LDS nuggets.  They always give me something to think about.  Thank you for sending them to me."
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"Thanks for reminding me of what I know to be true.  We all need an ongoing coach!"
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"Once again, how beautiful that I am always receiving the messages when I need them most!"


"I really enjoy the nuggets and copy them. I want to organize a notebook with these as they would be helpful in talks, etc.  These nuggets usually hit the nail on the head."
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"Love it.  Keep sending more."
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"It's just what I needed to hear and feel today.  Thanks."
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"I am in the Young Women Presidency in my ward and we have a spiritual thought basket.  I am going to start printing these out so that I can add them.  Just a few weeks ago, a Young Woman asked me what to do if your prayers do not get answered.  I will make sure that she sees this one.  Thank you."
          -Candace W.


"Just letting know that I enjoy all the uplifting quotes and the listening to the music.  Keep up the good works."
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"I really appreciate the timing!  I have forwarded this quote and talk to a handful of loved ones.  Some to remind and some to have hope.  I am grateful that my Heavenly Father knows what I need to hear and when!  Thank you!"


"I really enjoy the Nuggets, they help me through my day!  Thanks."
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"I have been receiving LDS NUGGETS for only a few months and can't wait to check my e-mails for wonderful guidance, comments, and inspirational stories.  'You all' (I'm from Texas) are doing a great service to all of us receiving this information in our homes!  Please keep it up!"
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"I am a 4th generation Mormon and I really love the LDS nuggets.  Thanks."
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"Love your LDSnuggets.  I send them to my non LDS family.  They love them, told me to keep them coming.  I appreciate your help."
          -Eloise S.


"I love the simpleness of this concept - our only task on earth is to become Christlike, and each hour or day can be a new beginning if we fail at it.  Makes life a lot easier when you look at it that way!"
          -Lynn G.


"I have enjoyed these nuggets for awhile now.  They have lifted me up and also have been great nuggets to ponder and search the scripture for MORE about the subject.  Thanks!"
          -Patricia P.


"Even in my 'golden years' I find I need all the help I can get to remember CTR is a daily need.  The nuggets help folks do their climbing with their ladder leaning against a solid wall."
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"I love the messages -- they are very uplifting thanks for sending them."


I love them..THANKS
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"On a day when I was feeling down about a task that I failed at nuggets sent an email from Thomas S. Monson on failure.  Thank you!"


"Thank you so much, there are days that I was so down and felt so alone and then you were there on my e-mail waiting for me with words of love and encouragement!!!"
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"Today has been a particularly hard day.  When this came into my email, I couldn't believe it.  What a wonderful nugget!  I really needed it!"
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"LDSnuggets is a nice way to add to your day and keep you focused on what you should be doing.  It is a way to strengthen our spirit with little time or effort."
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"I have told many people about this website, and I still keep getting rave reviews from everyone who gets them daily.  I originally gave addresses for the Treasure Chest, but so many others have been introduced through them and I continue to promote it as well.  And thanks again for the gift I received, 'Beloved Hymns of Christ.'  I listen to it every day at work.  So I just wanted to thank you VERY much for uplifting me, my family, and my friends.  Your website is the best of all the web!"
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"Thank you for the nugget today.  Thank you for spotlighting Heartbound.  I love their music because it truly does bring peace and strength to my life."
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"I love the Nuggets!  It is a great way to start each new day as they uplift me.  Keep up the great work!!!!"


"I always find comfort reading the LDS Nuggets.  I look forward to getting them.  Thank you for having this site."
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"I really felt inspired as the LDS nuggets ties in with the message for the month and I feel I have a lot of space for improvement in that aspect.  Thank you very much."
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Thanks for the chance to listen to the CD, helps you decide to buy or not.


"LDS Nuggets always seem to give me exactly what I need for that day!!"
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"In our Relief Society we had been talking about Bruce R. McConkie and the last talk he gave.  Then we sang I Believe in Christ.  So to hear the final paragraph of his talk so touched me.  I called my teenage daughters to the computer also to hear Elder McConkie's testimony of Christ.  I have also thought about sending it to some of my nonmember friends.  Thank you for sharing this."


"Thanks for Heartbound's CD!  I really enjoyed the sample and will buy it!"


"This is a wonderful cyber publication.  I look for it first every morning."


"Loved it!  Will try to buy the Relief Society book ASAP.  Thanks for your great help."
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"Yes; this was worth my time in reading, so I passed this on to my family and friends."
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"I find these wonderful 'nuggets' a very special lead in to my Relief Society hymn practice time.  The sisters always wonder 'what I'm going to come up with next' in presenting the hymn!  Thank you so much for this sweet moment in my day."
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"I enjoy the LDS nuggets.  I would like this info to be continued.  Thank you very much."
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"Your site is so great and exactly what I've needed.  Thank you."


"I am really enjoying these 'nuggets' and post them on the fridge for my husband and son to see."


"How wonderful to be uplifted by the great words of our leaders.  Thank you for sending notes of love, encouragement and inspiration to motivate us to go forward with steadfastness and grateful hearts for the wonderful blessing of the gospel in our lives."
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"Very beautiful!  Thanks!"
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"I often use the quotes to fill in space on our Ward Bulletin and News letter!  Thanks for your help!  Smile."


"Such great words of inspiration from some of Heavenly Father's greatest messengers.  To hear the words of these men can only feel the spirit within them.  A true testimony to us all that HE lives."


"I look forward to the Nuggets each day.  Thanks."


"Listening to Elder Bruce R's testimony was very, very touching.  Thank you very much!  I can honestly say, that this LDS Nugget (whether I have read/listened from your website, or any other site that produces Church quotes) has been the most heart touching, on-line experience, that I have ever had.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
          -Steven S.


"I love the messages, the music and well just everything you send to me.  I am so appreciative for the little listening of music that I may or may not buy but it gives me an opportunity to listen before I buy.  I love the nuggets and great articles."
          -Kathleen O.


"This quote never ceases to stir my soul with his wonderful testimony.  Thank you."
          -Lynn G.


"I love Bruce R. McConkie.  He is so insightful, and carried the Spirit with him always.  Please include more of his quotes, if possible.  Thank you for your nuggets!"
          -Collette C.


"Thank you for your little nuggets.  They put lift into the soul that is downed by the world."
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"I love spiritual and uplifting e-mails.  We get enough negativity in the world today these are wonderful to receive."


"I enjoy the spiritual thoughts provided."


"I look forward to each nugget!"
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"As a couple, we're at a time when we've established some major goals for the coming year.  This quote was amazingly timely for us.  Thank you!  I printed it and it's hanging in our home, and we each have a copy in our planners.  Thank you!"
          -M.P. Gallacher


"I truly enjoy the LDS Nuggets.  I copy them enabling me to quote from them during Stake/Ward Conferences meetings.  Thank you for your assistance and please continue your great work."
          -President Richard B.


"Nice quote by Richard G. Scott and nice review of the book, 'AMEN.'  Sounds like a good and useful one."
          -Lori S.


"Great little tidbits of thought and inspiration for the day."
          -Gayle F.


"We've read 'Amen' and think it's wonderful.  So glad to see you're featuring it."
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"I love reading LDSnuggets.  So many times have I received just the right thought that I needed for the day.  Thank you for this publication."
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"LDSnuggets is a great Web site.  In a cyberworld more prone to mundane and negative things as days go by, it is refreshing and recomforting to have a clean and useful cyberplace to go.  Thank you for your good efforts."
          -Luis B.


"I found the book 'Amen' to be of worth so much so that when I get paid I'll be buying the book."
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"Thank you so much for allowing us to preview new songs on your site.  What a pleasure to listen to 'Believe in Him' this is a true treasure for our youth."


"On days like today when I am feeling a little lost and a little blue, your nuggets are so very uplifting.  Thank you!"


"I love to recieve LDSnuggets.  It gives a little umph into my day (when I check my email.  I would suggest adding one more quote with the already existing one.  Thanks a bunch.


"I use the quote in our ward newsletter every Sunday as well as send to my friends!  Many thanks!"


"I love reading the messages, they always bring a smile to my face and heart."
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"Great little nugget!  Thanks for putting it out.  I will share this site with others."
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"I love the nuggets I get!  They are sent to my work email and they always come right when I need them most.  Thank you to whom ever created this wonderful tool to deliver inspiring quotes from leaders in our church.  They always brighten my day!"
          -Kaydee G.


"It brightens my day to hear the word of God expounded upon.  I love it."


"I always find the LDSNuggets uplifting in the middle of the day.  They may be quotes of what we have heard and already know, but they uplift and reaffirm the teaching.  They help me to act like a Latter-day Saint and not just a person in the world."
          -Peggy P.


"It is so refreshing to find something positive and uplifting show up in my emails.  Thanks."


"Thank you for such a nice and inspiring words from our Prophet.  I really needed that today."
          -Jennifer B.


"Having the daily little thoughts, makes the day @ work or home a little easier to get through.  It helps me remember what is important and what isn't.  Thank you!"


"I have enjoyed all the nuggets that I have received.  I use them when I teach and as a reminder to chose the right, and to keep my Savior in the forefront of my mind."


"Thank you so much for your time in mining and sending these "Pearls of Great Price."  I am the Newsletter editor in my ward and they make great filler."
          -Barbara H.


"I love the quotes but I specifically enjoy the association with a particular hymn and scripture.  Someone obviously has been doing a lot of research to connect the doctrinal threads found in the duo or trio.  Please keep up the great effort."
          -Doug L.


"I really enjoy reading your mail and I LOVE your messages!!!  Thanks!!!"


"Thank you so much I really need this."
          -Susan A.


"Your LDSnuggets give me inspiration and help keep me sane, especially at work."  Thanks."
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"It always lifts my day to read these nuggets.  They are uplifting and make us think.  Thanks so much."
          -Evelyn R.


"I receive my insights at work.  During a stressful day it makes me stop and reflect on the important things in life.  It brings me back to where I should be.  Thank you!"
          -Michelle H.


"Your Nugget Reminded me of The Truth in Life and Death And What needs to be done here on earth.  Though things are not easy in this day and time.  We all need to hold true to heart our lord Jesus Christ and God."
          -Carol S.


"This was a very poignant nugget, it reached me right when I needed it, when I needed to forgive.  Thank you."
          -Kitty B.


"I love getting my LDSnuggets.  It helps brighten my day!"


"I really needed the saying from Gordon B. Hinckley.  It came at a time when I really needed it.  I copied it and keep it by my computer.  Thank you."


"All the nuggets are good.  I guess it's the ones I'm spiritually ready for that touch my soul.  Those I send on to others that come to my mind."
          -Wendolin E.


"This message on forgiving was very timely.  It seems we are in a world of intolerance and selfish unforgiving.   Isn't it wonderful how words of truth bring peace!  Thank you for providing a daily portion of peace and light to carry me along."
          -M. Gallacher


"I love reading these nuggets each time.  I save all of them and use them in my lessons.  They just stand out.  Thanks."
          -Marian B.


"Nice thought.  I know I set way too high of goals and then get upset or discouraged when I don't reach the goal.  Good one."
          -Laurie L.


"Once again I included this in my thought for the day to my children.  Wonderful insight and advice."
          -Lynn G.


"I have just started with ldsnuggets but I really enjoy the messages."
          -Laura G.


"I listened to your music and read the scripture, thank you."
          -Greg B.


"I love receiving these nuggets.  Sometimes I will use one of them with our ward bulletin."


"It is nice to have reminders of words from our prophet today regularly.  Thank you."


"I think the whole world could use more forgiveness!!  This little nugget is BIG on what we truly need in our lives."
          -Trish V.


"The Lord inspires and leads us to these nuggets at the right time... I am very thankful for this."


"Hey thanks so much for sending me LDS [nuggets].  I love receiving them they are a booster for sure.  I put them in my quote books and some up at work.  Keep smiling!"
          -Beki W.


Every time I read the LDSnuggets I learn something different and enjoy the book selections.  Keep up the good work!  God bless.
          -Lucille J.


"I almost wish the nuggets were a daily offering but then I probably wouldn't cherish them as much as I do.  Thank you for your efforts."
          -Catherine B.


"I needed that nugget today!  Thank you."
          -Theresa F.


"Helps me get through the week and sometimes I ponder whether the topic might be useful in a lesson to the Sisters.  Thank you."
          -Holly P.


"I find The LDS Nuggett very helpful.  There are times that I am asked just minutes before a Presidency Mtg. to come up with a spiritual thought and I always know there is something uplifting from the Nugget that we will all come away feeling fed.  Thank you!"
          -Judy K.


"I always find words of wisdom in what our Prophet says."
          -Sandra H.


"Just today the quote from President Hinckley... has given me strength and I will endure today's struggles.  As the new year is here and resolutions abound, I struggle with making them last the year through.  Today I am inspired to make goals that are realistic instead of grand.  Thanks for being in the right place at the right time."
          -Cheri W.


"Thank you for this article from Pres. Hinckley.  I had forgotten that I attended this meeting and his message.  As always, he guides us with his love and concern."
          -Marie B.


"I often copy these nuggets - they are so obviously needed for HT messages, talks or comments in class.  Very useful.  Please keep them coming."
          -Bob F.


"I sent it to my children as the thought for the day."
          -Lynn G.


"The LDS nuggets are a great way to start the day on the right foot.  I am really inspired to get insight from the 1st presidenncy for modern LDS members.  Truly inspiring."
          -Russell R.


"I'm thankful for the quote today.  It was heaven sent.  Thank you."


"Thank you, this quote was exactly what I needed now.  I appreciate that you make it possible to go directly to the talk."


"Loved the wisdom from Pres. Hinckley, he's so inspiring."


"I have been debating about my goals and was considering not writing so many and being more realistic.  I am always hard on myself when I don't achieve them and then it turns into a negative thing.  When I read Pres. Hinckley's counsel, I thought, 'YES!  I can do that!'  Thanks for the timely manner that you sent this quote!  I always enjoy reading the thoughts that you send.  They always add to my day.  Thanks."


"I love getting the Nuggets, lots of time I don't have the time to read a lot of it, but it never fails, when it pops up on the screen in front of me, It's ALWAYS something that touches my heart.  Thank you so much."


"Thank you for this "nugget."  Was needed in our home today!  Look forward to these messages!  Thanks so much."


"I thoroughly enjoyed Nuggets.  It was very helpful and uplifting."
          -Rick K.


"This was exactly what I needed to hear today.  Thanks."
          -Mary C.


"I love receiving these nuggets in my mail box.  Thank you!"
          -Jerrilee B.


"This nugget was very uplifting and helpful to my soul.  I'm not very good at making (or should I say KEEPING) my New Year's resolutions and have been feeling like why even set any this year.  The quote by Gordon B. Hinckley is AWESOME and so true!  Thanks for sharing this.
          -Dan S.


"I enjoy this site visiting me because I never know when it will pop up with an email to me.  Sometimes it catches me just at the right time and says exactly of a topic that I need to hear plus it lets me know of books that will be great to get.  Thank you.
          -Jennifer S.


"I use your daily thought as a guide for my day.  Thank you.  P.S. I have added your web link to the ward news letter I send out each month, I hope this is OK?"


"I love the thoughts... very timely and mostly ones I have not heard over and over... whoever is in charge of choosing the thoughts is doing a great job.  Thanks."
          -Diedra M.


"As I read my LDSnuggets, I understand that My Heavenly Father loves me Through the thoughts of others I get the inspiration to read my scriptures and find out just where others find their inspiration.  I so enjoy the Hymns with each Golden Thought sent to me.  Thank you so much for reminding me of all my Blessings."


"I always look forward to the Nuggets as I never know which one is the one that might be an answer to a prayer, upliftment on a bad day, or just a thought to make my day even better.  Thank you."
          -Cynthia B.


" provide a wonderful service for all involved!  Your "nuggets" seems to always end up in my missionaries' letter each week.  Please continue what you are doing!"
          -Debbie B.


"I love seeing this little Nugget in my Inbox!  Many times, when I read a quote that touches me in a particular way, I write it on our family message board.  You're a treat!"
          -Brenda J.


"It never fails, when I read the LDSnuggets, they are just what I need that day to inspire me."
          -Cherry S.


"I just heard about LDSnuggets the other day and am pleased to see it in my e-mail.  Thank you for sending it to me.  I need something positive on my e-mail besides all the Junk I get.
          -Ramona S.


"I enjoy your nuggets .  They always give me something to think about for that day.  Thank you."


"These inspirational are very uplifting.  I do use them as Visiting Teaching tools.  Some of the "less active" seem to really enjoy them.  I have suggested that they sign up for them.  Thanks a lot."
          -Willa H.


"It is so simple and good quotes and good sales while we are in busy life.  Thank you."


"I have only just started receiving the LDSnuggets and I am really enjoying them.  When I turn on to the internet yours is the first item that I look at.  In the midst of the tons of junk email it is refreshing for me to just look forward to seeing something of worth spiritually, pop up without any pressure attached to it.  I am printing each one off and filing them for use in talks etc.  Regards and keep up the good work.
          -Roger H.


"I enjoy the nuggets, all are worth sharing with family and others."
          -Glen S.


"Out of all the stupid emails I get daily yours are truly of worth - and that's a good thing to be.  Thanks!"
          -Laurie L.


"I need to be reminded that I am a daughter of God and as such, am of great worth.  Thanks for the great thought."
          -Cynthia B.


"Love it, love to wake up to a positive thought, an upliftment for the day."
          -Helen A.


"I always learn something from your site, about research, or just a thought.  Thank you."
          -Dee M.


"Love this LDS information."
          -Otis J.


"I have shared your website with a number of my family and friends, who have all decided to subscribe."
          -Dee B.


"I enjoy reading a short positive thought.  Thanks for your good work!"
-Christine N.


"What a delight!"


"I have enjoyed the information that comes with the Nugget."


"I love the nuggets.  They really help me when I need a devotional for seminary too.  I like having a song and a scripture to go with each one.  Thanks for the inspiring quotes when I get home from school!"


"Thank you so much for providing such wonderful and insightful thoughts.  They lift my spirit, fill my soul with greater faith, and truly leaves me wanting to be a better person, one that is more loving and forgiving; 'more Savior like Thee.' "
          -Meledie K.


"Always spiritually uplifting and refreshing to the soul."


"Yes anytime I can be uplifted is so valuable to me.  I appreciate the hard work you do to bring the message that our Savior would so appreciate us having.  I teach the Family Relations Class so I look to your site to see what I might be able to use for my class and also just for me on a day to day basis.  Thank you."
          -Kathy O.


"The world needs hope to battle the pains and hardships it sometimes gives.  Thank you for being a part of the good news and sharing it.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"


"I ALWAYS find worthwhile nuggets in my inbox-thanks!"
          -Cheri S.


"I found your quote from Ezra Dalby particularly nourishing.  Thank you for sending this nugget!"
          -Samuel E.


"Love the LDSnuggest!  Send them more often!"
          -Matt P.


"I get great inspiration from the thoughts I receive and I chose one to use in our Visiting Teaching message to share with the Sisters that doesn't have a computer and is no longer active.  The one from Pres. Monson today will be the one I use in January on keeping the Spirit of Christmas all year 'round.  Thanks so much."


"I'm new to LDS Nuggets, but I can tell I'm going to enjoy it!"


"This is my first time to receive the nuggets.  I like that it is a concise thought and not a lengthy article....unless I want to read the full article which is available.  Thanks again.  I look forward to reading more."
          -Kim T.


"Good for a quick thought in the middle of a hectic day."


"Thank you, I really needed to read Bro Wirthlins, Safe Harbor, right then, right now, thanks for being an answer to prayer!!!!!!"
          -Susan W.


"Going through a difficult time in my life right now and feeling very down today.  This is a comment that I needed to hear.  I am entitled to move on to once more find happiness.  The Lord says so...Thanks."


"I truly appreciate these uplifting moments I get throughout the month.  Thanks!"
          -C. Duckworth


"Your nuggets are great and look forward to reading them weekly."
          -J. Duke


"The nugget from Brother Monson made me think again that Christ is with me all the time.  I enjoy getting nuggets in my mail each day.  They help me get thought the stress of the day!  Thanks!"
          -CL Allred


"Love these nuggets.  They really put life in perspective in a little minute."
          -L. Leib


"The nuggetts are very spiritual and touch me each week."
          -S. Hopper

"I absolutely love your website - it gives me a great start every day!  THX!"
          -J. Fackrell


"I look forward to my "Nugget" every week.  And there are times when I really could use two.  The message is always good, and it brings a smile to my face and sometimes it uplifts me when I am really down in the dumps."


"I love the ldsnuggets!  It is so cool to read them.  Sometimes some of the best things show up in my email when I am having a bad day.  I am only 14 but I love this thing so much."
          -S. Johnson


"I really look forward to LDS Nuggets arriving in my inbox.  At times it has been almost uncanny how the topic has served to lift my spirits with regard to what is currently happening in my life.  I forward most of the nuggets to my niece who is a student at BYU and she also finds them uplifting and illuminating.  Thank you."
          -Y. Aston

"It was really nice for me to get an email that has uplifting messages for a change.  I find so much junk mail each day.  Thank you so much for this site!!!"

"Being so far away from home, serving with the US Peace Corps in Thailand, a Buddhist country, is enough to make one lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas... being so far away from your loved ones, no Christmas festivities and nuisances to deal with... All these made me lonely for home, for the music, the decorations... all that symbolize the holidays then LDS Nuggests came along.  Pres. Hinckley's true meaning of Christmas uplifted me... placed me in the right and true mood and reasons for the greatest miracle...the most blessed day.  I see this time of year in a different light and my non-LDS friends see the change.  Thanks a million!"


"I check my e-mail daily and it is great to have a small ray of sunshine from the church and a positive thought for the day. I love it!!!!"


"I am so glad that you sent me a quote from President Hinckley on the meaning of Christmas.  There are many people in this world who, although their intentions are good, have really no idea of what Christmas is all about.  Many times I have heard them say, 'We are going to have our "Christmas" at Mamaw's,' or in other words, 'we are going to have the gift-exchange at our grandmother's house.'  It was only recently until I realized that it doesn't matter if we get a 'gift' this Christmas because we already have The Gift."
          -R. Johnston


"Reading the LDS Nuggets always give me a lift in my life.  Thanks."
          -G. Jackson


"Thank you so much for this website, whenever I need a little lift or something for a lesson I just need to open up this site!  Thank you!"
          -L. Sherman


"We believe that the all the resources should be used to further our knowledge of Christ and the Gospel.  This is yet another source to check.  Thank you."
          -D. Broumley


"I loved the quote found in this edition, and the link to the LDS bookstore was awesome because we don't have any here in Austin.  Thank You so much!"


I love having LDS Nuggets on my email.  They are short but profound and I get to ponder them for a good week before I'm ready for the next.  Just as we are constantly bombarded with negative media influences it's important to have a constant flow of positive ones.  Thank You!"
          -K. Moster


"I have enjoyed reading the LDS nuggets.  Thanks for making them available for us."
          -L. Richardson


"I love these little "nuggets" of spiritual upliftment.  Thank you."


Commenting on Neal A. Maxwell's message:

"I love the quote on families.  I think that it is so true."
          -R. Peschel


"It was a very positive note for me to start my day on.  Thank you."
          -A. Campbell


"I so appreciate the time and effort put into the LDSnuggets project - the reminders of Gospel principals and insights are always timely and profound.  Keep up the great work!"


"Each time I read nuggets - I really get a sense of what life is supposed to be and not what I want it to be.  Thank you for inspiring me to be better."
          -Marlys H.


"Thanks so much for sending me LDS nuggests.  It gives me a thought for the week. Usually exactly what I needed to focus on that week.  Thank you so much! Keep sending those!  They are wonderful."
          -Beki W.


"Love your nuggets!!  Thank you!!"
          -S. Riedthaler


"Just wanted to say I appreciate your time to do this special positive quotes.  Thanks."
          -J. Manges


"I love them nuggets!!"
          -M. Rodriguez


"I always look forward to the inspirational thought from you - many, I feel, were there just for me.  Thank you."
          -J. Linke


"Your daily nuggets help me maintain perspective, and are great reminders of the multitude of blessings we enjoy.  Please keep them coming!"
          -D. Weeder


"Love IT!  Nuggets makes my day!"


"Yes, I find a lot in these nuggets, I quote them, print them off on my computer and use them often in lessons, in life etc.  Thank you for them and keep them coming."
          -J. Hodges


"I really enjoy receiving these little thoughts every once in a while.  They definitely help me focus on what I need to."


Commenting on Lynn G. Robbins' message:

"This was most appropriate as I am struggling in finding a job...One that has a pleasing atmosphere, is closed on Sundays and allows me time off for church activities.  With Christmas coming and no job, I have been getting discouraged (an understatement).  This helped me to continue to trust in the Lord that things will work out.  Thank you."


"Overall, I find the messages sent out to me very uplifting, and they often inspire me to think about the message that is being sent.  I thank you."
          -J. Romero


"I always enjoy the thoughts for the day or the nuggets that are emailed.  I often copy them and put them in my scriptures for easy reference.  Quite useful for HT, or other. Thank you."
          -R. Fegely


"Every Home needs to be uplifted like this.  It is essential, for even trying to live in a Godly manner... Thank you so much, for sending these.  They are definitely a blessing to my home."
          -C. Villafuentes


"I find this to be a great asset to the Internet.  There are so many who are on the net to entrap and take advantage of others.  This one promotes all the positives for a happy and fulfilling life.  Thank you for your contributions to my life."
          -R. Munns


"I love LDSnuggets very well and the golden thoughts of treasure because I have been using the messages in my talks and sometimes in my closing remarks during sacrament meetings.  Thank you very much.  I hope I will one day win something."
          -K. Afran-Okese


"The spiritual thoughts are such a pleasant diversion from all the crummy spam.  I forward the nuggets on to my children (two of which are inactive).  Please continue.  It brightens my computer experience."


"A very inspirational service you provide.  Thanks for the uplifting thoughts to brighten my day."


"These nuggets are great and very uplifting - especially when the day has been long and hard!  Thanks."
          -D. Clarke


"What an inspiration source this is!  My day wouldn't be the same without it."
          -J. Harvie


"I enjoy the LDSnuggets.  There is always something that I can use throughout my day.  Thanks."
          -R. Foti


"Just the kind of lift I need with an ill husband, and an 83 year old mom.  Your thoughts brighten my day."


Commenting on Thomas S. Monson's message:

"Pres. Monson is so profound in his comments about Christmas.  I always love hearing what he has to say."
          -J. Tarbet

"Thank you for today's nugget.  Pres. Monson is one of my favorites!  I appreciated his gentle nudge to follow in our Savior's footsteps and live His teachings."
          -S. Rawleigh


"I use the thoughts in our RS monthly newsletter...and of course they are of infinite value in my own life...Thanks!"


"I love receiving LDSnuggets!...I can't wait to open them and read them.  Most of the time the message is just what I needed or was pondering about.  I've created a file and am saving everyone.  I just love them."


"I love reading the LDSnuggets.  Every quote from a general authority is so uplifting and every story that is often told is so uplifting.  They are definitely worth saving.  I have print them out and save them in a file.  Thanks."
          -L. DeVore


"I am going through some difficult trials.  The quotes really help me to focus on the positive."


"I look forward to reading the LDS Nuggets.  They give me lots of good things to think about.  Thanks.  Keep up the good work."


"I really enjoy receiving your email.  I love the quotes from the Prophets and Apostles.  I also enjoy seeing what's new and what deals are going on.  Thank you!
          -K. Bartow


"Thank you for the uplifting thoughts.  They always seem to be just what I needed."
          -M. Boman


"It makes my day."
-P. Soelberg


"The nuggets are an excellent spiritual boost for any day.  Thanks!"


I enjoy the lift for the day these give to me.  I am saving them all, they are great for talks or when teaching.  Thank you very much!
-T. Van Doren


"Each time I open LDSNuggets, I am uplifted.  Thank you for your efforts."
-J. Kapp


"Thanks for the needed up lift."
-S. kelley


"I always look forward to the nuggets of information and the spiritual message."
-S. Hopper


"Thank you for your inspiration each day.  It helps to keep our life in perspective.  We all need a daily reminder."
-K. Atwood


"I am looking forward to the nuggets every week and sending them through to non-member-friends to also make them curious after the church and in the hope they will ask me questions about the church."
          -S. van Andel


"I really appreciated the message by Elder Oaks - it was perfect for me.  Thank you for sharing it."
          -S. Dickman


"I always enjoy reading the nuggets and I'm kind of disappointed that I don't get them every day...but I love to read them."
          -A. Baker


Commenting on Dallin H. Oaks' message:

"A few years ago I was suffering from severe panic attacks and anxiety.  One of the things that helped me tremendously, was to be thankful.  To thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me another day on earth.  To thank Him for protecting me in my various travels.  To thank Him for all the good in my life.  Even something so small as to thank Him for a great parking space!  I know the worth of being thankful.  I greatly appreciate this nugget."


"Great Stuff!  I use these for Spiritual Moments during our meetings."


"At the end of the day when you look back on it, as I was just doing, thinking how stressful the day had been it is truly a blessing to be reminded of what is really important.  We all must keep spiritual things at the fore front of everything that we do because it is too easy to get 'stressed out' on the worldly things.  By receiving the LDSnugget it helps to keep things in line.  At least for me anyway.  Thank you for reminding me of what is truly important.........Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father."
          -S. Pearson


"I am so glad to receive these nuggets.  They very often totally MAKE my day for me.  They put things into perspective and when I fee like I am totally drowning in my workload for my job, that as soon as they are on website, I read them ASAP and I know I feel much better about life and everything that's happening.  Thanks a ton for these.  Like I say, they MAKE my day a good one.  Keep up the good work - thanks!!!!!!"
          -L. Leib


"When I get a chance to look at my e-mails I always open LDSNuggets messages first.  The quotes remind me that no matter what I'm going through in life, I always have a Heavenly Father who loves me and helps and comforts me."
          -A. Thornton


"I enjoyed the quote from Pres. Faust.  It helped me remember how easy it is to talk to the Almighty.  I also enjoyed the information on the CD of Marvin's.  I will go on my list.
          -J. Tarbet


"I always look forward to reading the latest nugget each week.  I find them uplifting and, in many cases, timely for my life.  It's always good to hear from Heavenly Father's servants."
          -J. Longenecker


"I look forward to receiving them as they are frequent enough to keep me up lifted but not so frequent that I can't keep up with them.  Thank you - from one isolated sister in the country."
          -S. Tracey


"You are doing a marvelous job and I love each time I open to you I am rewarded with thought and music.  Thank you so much.  Continue being successful in this endeavor."
          -K. Ogden


"I love reading the nuggets.  Since Church CD's are one of my favorite things.  I appreciate the fact I can hear demos and see new CD's that are out.  Thanks again.
          -K. Bennett


"These nuggets are like little rays of sunshine in my day here as I work in a factory with no windows to see outside.  I love to be where the SON is shining."
          -R. Ison


"I look forward to your nuggets - I love receiving them-Several times the thought or quote have been just what I was looking for to use with a lesson or talk! Thanks!"


"Just keep up the good work.  Some of the messages are very timely.  It really brightens my day and gives me something to ponder.  Thanks.
          -J. Seal


"They are always something I can use to teach, not just in meetings, but with my children in the car!!  I love them! thanks.
          -D. Edwards


"It gives ideas and they are food for thought and the soul.  Never stop sending them to me.
          -S. Ahadjie


"So grateful for the spiritual boost of these small but powerful messages bring to me. Thank you."
          -T. Ray


"I just love having the quick 30 second thought each day to rev up my spiritual engine or reinforce when in doubt."
          -M. Bere


"I look forward to your nuggets every week...I forward them on to help brighten loved ones days!"
          -M. Hurd


"I appreciate you sending these out.  They have come at times when I have truly needed them most to lift and inspire, to lessen a bad day.  More often than not they have been very befitting!"
          -M. Knopf


"Thank you for a little positive note in the vast mess of all of the junk and spam mail my inbox is always filled with!  I look forward to LDSnuggets and enjoy receiving them."


"What a beautiful quote by Elder Maxwell.  It is just what I needed today to remind myself that I need to forgive a friend.  Thank you!"


"There are times that the thought that is given is just the right one to lift a burden or lighten my steps that day.  I love them!!"
          -C. Blades


"Sometimes a little thought provoking reminder of who we are can lift your spirit through the day."
          -C. Stevenson


"LDSNuggets is very inspirational and excellently done.  Thank you for brightening my day with these emails."


"I appreciate the quotes from the Prophet and Apostles - many times they're just what I needed to hear."


"These messages are very timely."
          -Mark Petersen


"My sons use some of them for seminary devotionals."


"I really appreciate the positive quotes."


"It's a great way to start the day.  It helps to fortify me against the world."


"I love getting thoughts every week.  They are often just what I need to hear."


"Many of the nuggets are very timely in my life.  Thanks!"
          -M. Petersen


"Thank-you so much for taking the time to offer such a wonderfully uplifting moment in my hectic work week.  As a single mom I am always looking for ways to fill my own bucket as well as share with my family and friends.  Sometimes in this hectic life my e-mail is the only link I have with other single friends whose lives are just as busy as mine.  I have had many thanks offered for sharing things such as these nuggets.  Thanks again for sharing with me."


"Just a moment of my day can be worth 24 hours."
          -R. Ward


"I love your emails -- I share a lot of the thoughts with my son who is on a mission!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again!!"
          -S. Nelson


"Love this product! Thank you"
          -D. Shipp


"I always enjoy the nuggets and often share them with friends - both member and non-member... thank you..."
          -D. Snyder


"I really enjoy the nuggets and have forwarded it to my daughter at BYU-Idaho and now she also subscribes.  I also have a friend who has subscribed after I forwarded one to her.  Please keep them coming!"


"I really look forward to the nuggets.  It helps put a positive twist to my day - regardless of what kind of day I may have been having before.  Thank you and keep up the good 'thoughts.'"
          -J. Seal


"The nuggets truly bless me.  I receive them here at work and absorb every one.  I have been inactive for years and recently have gone back to church, against my husbands wishes and I can use any and all uplifting moments in my day!  Thank you for such a wonderful service."


"Love the 'LDS Nuggets'.  Thank You."


"You guys always do a great job in keeping me up to date on the latest music, books and materials that benefit my life.  Thank you for your work."


"They make me feel better when I get down, and everyone needs that once in a while."


"With all the junk mail I get each day it is nice to receive something uplifting.  Thank you!"


"I enjoy the peace and inspiration that the LDSnuggets give me.  I look forward to receiving them and send some of them on to my family.  Thanks you so much."


"I appreciate the uplifting nuggets that come my way and always feel better for having read them.  Thank you for service."
          -T. Ruth


"The Nuggets is a wonderful way to start the day and such an uplift for me.  Thanks very much."
          -S. Marshall




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